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Pokemon Go and a glass of wine

Whether your into it or not, or just a fan of modern technology the world has been swept of its feet by the new Pokemon game. Pokemon Go has created such a buzz with their brand new revolutionary game app that everyone round the world is now running around collecting the character and fighting their way through the stages of the game. Without discussing the whole aspect of the game, gamers have been found wondering in to the most absurd of places. One thing it has done is open the door to a number of advertising aspects, especially when it...

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Le Tour and the threat from French winemakers

As the Tour de France approaches its third and final week the controversy surrounding French winemakers and the Tour de France seems to have boiled over. This year's Tour De France or Le Tour as it is known in France was threatened by disruption. Tour 2016 was under threat before it commenced due to a blockade from French winemakers. Winemakers in the Aude area of Languedoc-Roussillion had been threatening to disrupt the Tour when it passed through its region.  Why? The promotion organiser had signed up a Chilean wine Cono Sur as an event sponsor. As we all know the...

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Scientist has invented a Wine machine: That makes wine forever


The title sounds like something you would get in your all night student haven but what you are reading is absolutely right scientist have created a one of a kind machine that makes wine. The latest invention is still in its early day but already tried and tested the formula has proven to work. So how does this little beauty work? “Nonstop wine” might sound like something too good to be true, but it’s not—this is something far more promising and cutting edge. Iowa State University professor and self-professed “wine connoisseur” Daniel Attinger has developed what he calls a “micro...

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Moncharm - Fine wines could be the way forward following the pro-Brexit vote

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As the sterling takes a tumble investors are looking for a safe haven following the post-Brexit vote and a surprising emergence is the fine wine market. Investing in vintage goods tend to be stronger when the pound is weaker, and in the weeks since the vote the pound has fallen to a 31-year low. Since leaving the European Union the weaker sterling has increased the demand for wine by making it cheaper to purchase in foreign currencies, increasing overall demands abroad. The Wine Investment fund discussed that although Bordeaux sourced wine investments are purchased in sterling the majority of buyers...

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Let’s get happy with this new Wine App for wine lovers

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Long gone are the days where you would stare at a wine menu or bottle of wine thinking is this any good? or what do we choose with our meal? In today’s modern world we are surrounded with so many creature comforts that all ooze technology and of course the world wide web. All this making life easier especially in that moment of confusion when you have to make that important decision. With the emergence of tablets and smartphone we can all now say that wine picking is now like having your own personal sommelier.  Wine picking, wine encyclopaedia and...

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