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5 things you need to know about Californian wines

With clamour for the Californian-based wines of Napa Valley and Sonoma at its highest level for many years, investors would be wise to start looking at these wineries as genuine options for long-term investment opportunities.  Don’t know much about the region and its wines? Allow us to enlighten you. Leading the Way Although wine production now takes place in all 50 states, California is the uncontested leader making about 90 percent of all American wine. California is also the fourth largest wine producer in the world, behind France, Italy and Spain. Diversity is Key The size of the state and...

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4 Tips for Pairing Your Wine with Food Successfully

One of the most pleasurable aspects of having a wine collection is pairing it with good food. While it’s difficult to become an overnight sommelier, there are some handy rules of thumb that can be applied to ensure you don’t waste a good wine on a meal that doesn’t suit it. Tarty Wine: Try to ensure that the wine you’re serving has a higher acidity than the food it’s matched with, otherwise it might taste a bit flat. For example, a salad with a vinaigrette dressing is better with an extra brut champagne rather than a more buttery chardonnay. Bitter...

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Spotlight on: Domaine Leroy

4 things you should know about this special Burgundy wine Often regarded as one of the finest producers of red Burgundy wines on the Cote d`Or in the modern day, Domaine Leroy should be on the list of any serious wine collector looking to own a strong portfolio of top-end red wines. Here are four key things you should know about Domaine Leroy before investing. Three of a Kind There are three entities to the Leroy empire: the Maison Leroy based in Auxey-Duresses; the Domaine d’Auvenay named for Lalou Bize-Leroy’s own home near St-Romain, and the substantial Domaine Leroy in Vosne-Romanée. Lalou...

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Spotlight on: Chateau Ausone

Here’s what you need to know about the St Emillion powerhouse Often credited as having the finest terrior in the Bordeaux region, Chateua Ausone has become one of the finest producers of wine in the world, owing a lot to the unique style and characteristics of its flavour. We’ve identified five interesting things you should know about Ausone if you’re thinking of investing. A Unique Landscape As mentioned above the style of wine at Chateau Ausone is unlike the vast majority of others wines. The minerality from the massive limestone deposits in the soil is what most tasters notice. The fruit...

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4 Reasons Bordeaux Wine Should Be Top of Your List in 2018

Known for being one of the most revered wine regions in the world, Bordeaux stokes up feelings of rich 20-year aged wines from some of the most well known and sought after wineries in Europe. But aside from being some of the best to invest in, Bordeaux wines often carry a lot of misconceptions that put people off buying. Here are four reasons why staying away form Bordeaux is a bad idea. They aren’t all as expensive as you may think Contrary to what the majority of people may think, Bordeaux wines are not just a collection of old vintage...

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