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What’s the Difference between New World and Old World Wine?

Old World Wine Old world wines are from countries or regions where winemaking (with Vitis vinifera grapes) first originated. Old world wine countries include: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Hungary, and Germany. Also, based on the definition, countries like Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Moldova are also able to be considered old world wine regions too! New World Wine New world wines are from countries or regions where winemaking (and Vitis vinifera grapes) were imported during (and after) the age of exploration. New world wine countries include: the United States, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand are New World wine regions. Also,...

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UK Wine Benefits from Hottest Ever Summer

On the back of Met Office stats which show that England saw the hottest summer on record, hopes are high for a vintage year for English and Welsh wine, meaning this could be the perfect time to invest in any UK based wine makers you may have been coveting. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association says the unusually warm weather led to ideal conditions for growing grapes in the UK, which it hopes will lead to more and better-quality wine from the country. English vineyards are reaping the benefits of a record heatwave of 2018. The knock-on effect of near...

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Spotlight on: Jacques Selosse

Spotlight on:  Jacques Selosse Every decade or two, a winemaker comes along whom through the force of his ideas, and the brilliance of his work, has the power to change the course of wine history. Anselme Selosse, the current owner of Jacques Selosse, is one of these, let’s find out why. The Young Pretender The estate was founded by Jacques Selosse and his family in the 1950s, with the first vintage being bottled in 1960. The current proprietor of this estate is Anselme Selosse who took over from his father Jacques in 1980. Anselme studied at the Lycée viticole de Beaune and was one of the...

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Spotlight on: Salon Le Mesnil

  Spotlight on:  Salon Le Mesnil Salon, a tiny house on the Côte de Blancs, produces what connoisseurs consider to be the quintessential Blanc de Blancs. Salon, along with Delamotte, is part of the Laurent-Perrier group since 1989. Here we take a look at why they have such a good reputation and what it is that got them there. Less is More Salon produces Champagnes in minuscule amounts (50,000 bottles a year, if at all) from over 40-year-old vines in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger (one of the greatest crus of the Côte de Blancs). Salon produces the only wine in the world not to be made every...

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Spotlight on: Louis Roederer Cristal

  Spotlight on: Louis Roederer Cristal Louis Roederer is a producer of Champagne based in Reims, France. Founded in 1776, it was inherited and renamed by Louis Roederer in 1833. It remains today as one of the only still independent and family-run Champagne houses. Here we take a closer look at the brand and their famed Cristal. Satisfying Demands The first Cuvée de Prestige (Prestige Cuvée) of Champagne was created in 1876 by Louis Roederer to satisfy the demanding tastes of Tsar Alexander II and is called Cristal, referring to the aspect of the bottle. Safety First In 1876, Tsar Alexander II pointed out to his sommelier...

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