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Dispelling Three Common Wine Myths

The truth about three common wine misconceptions There is a plethora of dos and don’ts that surround the drinking of wine. Some of which are true, some remain a matter of taste and ritual while others are just myths, plain and simple. Knowing what is actually true and what happens to be false is a bit of a minefield, however, and just like choosing a fine wine, it can be navigated with a little helping hand from people in the know. Researchers from the University of California teamed with the American Chemical Society to explore some of the most common wine-related...

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3 Alternative Tips for Serving your Wine

So you’ve purchased a nice bottle of wine from a merchant for a party you’re holding You’ll want to ensure you get the best out of your bottle, so take note of these alternative tips: How to chill a bottle of wine quickly If your bottle isn’t quite as cold as you’d like use this quick fix: Empty the wine into a decanter. Then, fill a big bowl with iced water and place the decanter into it. Be sure to check that the level of the water is the same to that of the wine. Leave this for 10 minutes...

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Pokemon Go and a glass of wine

Whether your into it or not, or just a fan of modern technology the world has been swept of its feet by the new Pokemon game. Pokemon Go has created such a buzz with their brand new revolutionary game app that everyone round the world is now running around collecting the character and fighting their way through the stages of the game. Without discussing the whole aspect of the game, gamers have been found wondering in to the most absurd of places. One thing it has done is open the door to a number of advertising aspects, especially when it...

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Le Tour and the threat from French winemakers

As the Tour de France approaches its third and final week the controversy surrounding French winemakers and the Tour de France seems to have boiled over. This year's Tour De France or Le Tour as it is known in France was threatened by disruption. Tour 2016 was under threat before it commenced due to a blockade from French winemakers. Winemakers in the Aude area of Languedoc-Roussillion had been threatening to disrupt the Tour when it passed through its region.  Why? The promotion organiser had signed up a Chilean wine Cono Sur as an event sponsor. As we all know the...

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Scientist has invented a Wine machine: That makes wine forever


The title sounds like something you would get in your all night student haven but what you are reading is absolutely right scientist have created a one of a kind machine that makes wine. The latest invention is still in its early day but already tried and tested the formula has proven to work. So how does this little beauty work? “Nonstop wine” might sound like something too good to be true, but it’s not—this is something far more promising and cutting edge. Iowa State University professor and self-professed “wine connoisseur” Daniel Attinger has developed what he calls a “micro...

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