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4 Reasons Bordeaux Wine Should Be Top of Your List in 2018

Known for being one of the most revered wine regions in the world, Bordeaux stokes up feelings of rich 20-year aged wines from some of the most well known and sought after wineries in Europe. But aside from being some of the best to invest in, Bordeaux wines often carry a lot of misconceptions that put people off buying. Here are four reasons why staying away form Bordeaux is a bad idea. They aren’t all as expensive as you may think Contrary to what the majority of people may think, Bordeaux wines are not just a collection of old vintage...

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4 Considerations When Investing in Champagne

Should the Sparkly Stuff be on your Investment Agenda? Seen as one of the higher value investments, and a more medium term option, why is Champagne not more popular with investors and should you be considering it an addition to your portfolio? Longevity and Scarcity Typically, Champagne will be produced in far greater quantities than, say, a first growth, and it has to be an unusually fine effort for it to last beyond about 30 years. The scarcity and longevity offered elsewhere in the market is not so obviously available, indeed one of the smaller production levels in this premiere...

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Spotlight on: Domaine de la Romanée-Conti

Producers of some of the finest wine known to man, the legendary  Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC) is the most famous wine producer in Burgundy. With an array of vineyards and a reputation that is second to none amongst wine collectors, it’s a wine you need to know about. A Family Affair Two families have co-owned DRC since 1942. The current representatives of the de Villaine and Leroy/Roch clans are Aubert de Villaine and Henri-Frédéric Roch, whose printed signatures appear on every bottle. Between 1974 and 1991, Lalou Bize-Leroy, the fiery grande dame of Burgundy, was co-manager with Aubert de...

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4 Reasons to Drink Vegan Wine

It’s January, meaning it’s highly likely you’ll have come across a number of people eager to tell you all about their recently adopted vegetarian or vegan diet. The thing that many don’t consider when switching to a vegan diet, however, is that many of the world’s best wines are not actually suitable for them. But this doesn’t mean that vegan wine lovers have to miss out. With the recent rise in veganism has come a rise in vegan wines, but what are the benefits of drinking animal-product free wine? Lower levels of sulphites: Vegan wine actually contains fewer sulphites than...

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Spotlight on: Chateau Angélus

5 things you should know about this most renowned of Bordeaux based wines Owned by the De Bouard family for many generations, Chateau Angelus remains one of St. Emilion appellations most coveted wines. Producing around 6,000 cases per year, it should be on the list of anyone serious about wine investment.  For whom the bell tolls... Chateau Angelus earned its name from a common, everyday event. On a daily basis, the people working their Bordeaux vineyards heard the sound of the bells from three local churches. That sound inspired the now famous name of the chateau as well as the...

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