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Top 5 Favourite Champagne Brands of the 1% Income Earners. #2 May Surprise You!

Top Champagne Brands

Wine, in general, is produced all over the world by many winemakers – but champagne is different. Today the world of champagne is still dominated by a few dominant producers, which helped preserve Champagne’s image as a luxury good purchase.

But from said producers, which ones really stand out among top earners?

Top 5 Champagne Brands Among Top Earners

A survey was conducted by the Iposos Affluent Survey USA in 2015 to investigate the top income earners’ preferences when it comes to champagne brands. Included were households with incomes over $200k, who drink or serve their preferred brand at least once in an average month.

Their results are now out, and we discuss them below!

1. Moet & Chandon

A famed champagne house often associated with royalty (they do have a royal warrant to supply champagne to Queen Elizabeth II), Moet & Chandon is one of the world’s largest champagne producers – and the #1 brand that the one percent prefer.

The company was first established in 1743, and today it owns 1,150 hectares of vineyards that produce about 28 million bottles of champagne each year.

One of our favourite Moet champagnes that we recommend you try is this Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon Rose, 2003.

2. Korbel, California

A Californian winery with a primary focus on sparkling wine, Korbel Champagne Cellars was founded in 1882 by three brothers named Korbel.

Although a sparkling wine and not a “real” Champagne, Korbel still follows a similar winemaking method. They even give some of their wines labels that use phrases such as “California Champagne” or “Russian River Valley Champagne.”

On their website, Korbel call themselves “producers of fine California methode champenoise champagnes for 134 years.”

Regardless of such naming details, top income earners in America have voted Korbel as their #2 most favourite champagne brand.

3. Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin is another French champagne house on our list (based in Reims) that specializes in premium products. It was founded in 1772, and played a crucial role over the years in establishing champagne as the beloved drink that it is today.

Veuve Clicquot is often featured in films and film series, including Casablanca, Babette’s Feast and Downtown Abbey. It is also mentioned as a favoured drink of James Bond in the fictional books, where he drank Clicquot, Veuve Clicquot and Veuve Clicquot Rose.

Several of the oldest champagne bottles that still exist today are Veuve Clicquot, with an 1893 one still in neat condition being on display right now at their visitor centre in Reims – today, this bottle is regarded as priceless.

4. Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is the second Champagne brand on our list produced by the Moet & Chandon champagne house.

Serving as the house’s prestige champagne, it was named after Dom Perignon – a monk who is depicted as an important pioneer of Champagne during the beverage’s earliest stages.

As one of the champagne house’s focal brands, Dom Perignon is always a vintage champagne (and thus it is not made in weak years). From 1921 to 2005, they produced a total of 41 vintages (on average, this is one new vintage once every more than two years).

We highly recommend you try the 2000 vintage – this Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon, 2000.

5. Domaine Chandon, California

Domaine Chandon is the third brand on our list that is also owned by the Moet & Chandon champagne house – a real testament to this house’s ability to attract luxury champagne drinkers with its brands.

While produced in California at the outpost winery of the same name, Domaine Chandon is once again not a “real” champagne because it is not produced in the Champagne region of France. Regardless of such details, it was voted #5 on our list.

Established in 1973, it was the first French-owned sparkling wine producer in Napa Valley. Today they produce both still and sparkling wine, and have vineyards in several Napa appellations.

Honourable Mentions

Other brands that must be mentioned in this context include Krug (for example this excellent 2006 vintage), Louis Roederer (such as this Louis Roederer Cristal, 2005 – a Champagne with an impressive history which you can read more about here), and Taittinger (for example this Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rose, 2005).

Acquiring the Right Champagne For You

We hope our list reminded you of a brand that you love, or gave you an idea to try something new!

We are here to make available your personal favourites, and the best way we do this is through our online champagne shop – where you’ll find our collection of some of the world’s finest wines and champagnes, all just a few seconds away from arriving at your doorstep!

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Image source: Huh Magazine

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