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3 Alternative Tips for Serving your Wine

So you’ve purchased a nice bottle of wine from a merchant for a party you’re holding

You’ll want to ensure you get the best out of your bottle, so take note of these alternative tips:

  1. How to chill a bottle of wine quickly

If your bottle isn’t quite as cold as you’d like use this quick fix: Empty the wine into a decanter. Then, fill a big bowl with iced water and place the decanter into it. Be sure to check that the level of the water is the same to that of the wine. Leave this for 10 minutes or so and the wine will be perfectly chilled.

  1. Removing a cork without a corkscrew

With screw-top caps becoming more and more common demand for corkscrews is lessening. Should you find yourself without one there is no need to give up on your bottle of wine completely, you just need a long screw, screwdriver and a hammer to get the job done.  Twist the screw into the cork as straight as possible, leaving 2 cm’s protruding from the top. Slide the claw end of a hammer either side of the screws head and work the cork free. Magic!

  1. Pour like a Pro

To ensure no wasted wine (and no drips down the side of your guest’s glasses) rotate the bottom side of the bottle away from you as you deliberately stop pouring. This trick does require some practice for perfection but it should throw any last tiny drips off route to the back of the bottle. You can also use a napkin or paper towel to catch drips.

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