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4 Reasons to Drink Vegan Wine

It’s January, meaning it’s highly likely you’ll have come across a number of people eager to tell you all about their recently adopted vegetarian or vegan diet. The thing that many don’t consider when switching to a vegan diet, however, is that many of the world’s best wines are not actually suitable for them.

But this doesn’t mean that vegan wine lovers have to miss out. With the recent rise in veganism has come a rise in vegan wines, but what are the benefits of drinking animal-product free wine?

Lower levels of sulphites:

Vegan wine actually contains fewer sulphites than normal wine. Sulphites are chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in people and are often the reason people tend to complain of headaches after drinking just one glass of wine. In vegan wines, the level of sulphites is much lower and they often do not consist of any – although sulphites are a natural by-product of fermentation, so they’re not completely absent.

Less harmful chemicals:

Vegan wines often tend to be organic wines, which is hugely beneficial for reducing the number of chemicals in the finished product. Organic vineyards don’t use artificial and synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides when they cultivate the grapes. Nothing synthetic or artificial is added to the wine during the filtering and bottling process either.

Fresher taste:

As the grapes in organic and vegan wines are always grown in their natural state, without any additional preservatives or chemicals, this tends to make the product taste a lot fruitier and fresher and many people report the flavours being more vibrant and richer.

Better for the environment:

A particularly damning fact regarding vegan and normal wines is that it could take up to seven years to transform a traditional vineyard into an organic one? This is down to the number of chemicals traditional vineyards pop in the ground, causing damage to the ecosystem. Vegan wines avoid using any artificial chemicals, nor do they use animal parts at any step of the process, resulting in less impact on the environment.


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