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4 things you need to know about EHD Bonded Warehouse

To anyone looking to invest in wine, and for those who already boast an impressive portfolio, the importance of a trusted bonded warehouse cannot be overstated. EHD is one of the best and most reliable, and if you don’t know much about them, now is your chance as we discover some key facts about EHD.

  1. Premium Conditions

EHD London’s fine wine storage facility, provides the very best conditions in the United Kingdom for the storage of its customers fine wines.

The underground store, a series of 17 tunnels approximately 1 mile in length, was built on the famous Brooklands site as air raid shelters in 1939. Constructed at the outbreak of the Second World War they were built to protect some 5000 staff employed in the construction of fighter aircraft supporting the war effort.

Laying dormant yet secure for over sixty years the tunnels have been christened after the British entrepreneur, Hugh Fortescue Locke-King (1848-1926). It was Locke-King who in 1907 originally developed and financed the creation of the world’s first purpose built motor racing circuit, Brooklands; the previous occupier of the site.

  1. Brothers in Arms

EHD is an independent, privately-owned limited company, was established in 2000 by two brothers – Michael and Stuart Phelps – and has earned an excellent reputation in the trade for offering attention to detail, value for money and a personalised service which really sets it apart from the competition. In just ten years EHD have become a viable alternative for wholesalers looking for a value added alternative to their existing warehousing and distribution provision.

  1. The Go-To Bonded Warehouse

Seeking to really understand its clients’ business challenges, EHD offers flexible working practices and aims to consistently deliver outstanding levels of customer service. Its success is evidenced by the long list of loyal customers, among which are fine wine merchants, world renowned auction houses, premier brands, retailers and private individuals (including those from the music and film industries).

  1. Community Spirit

EHD takes an active role in the local community, employing the majority of its warehouse and office staff from the local area.

Personal and professional development is encouraged, with several members of the team currently undertaking WSET qualifications.

Contributing to charitable causes, the EHD team regularly works with local schools to organise wine tasting evenings for the Parent Teacher Associations, with a fixed percentage of the proceeds being invested directly back into the schools.

Over the past three years EHD have been an on-going contributor to the many charitable events held by the local Princess Alice Hospice in Esher.



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