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4 things you need to know about Lisa Perrotti-Brown

After a decade as editor-in-chief of Robert Parker’s famed Wine Advocate and Reviewer, Lisa Perrotti-Brown has slowly made a name for herself on the wine ratings and review circuit. Here, we take a closer look at her early life and how she became such an influential voice in the wine world. 

  1. A Happy Accident

Her wine career began by accident when, living as a struggling playwright in London after college, she stumbled into a job as the manager of a wine bar. She progressed through wine sales and marketing roles in the UK wine trade throughout the '90s and early noughties before moving to Tokyo in 2002 where she worked as a wine buyer for one of Japan's top fine wine importers and a wine educator at Tokyo's Academie du Vin.

  1. The Robert Parker Effect

In 2008, Lisa moved to Singapore and began writing a column for Robert Parkers website, eRobertParker.com. Later that year she achieved her Master of Wine (MW) qualification and the Madame Bollinger Medal for excellence in wine tasting. In 2013, she became the Editor-in-Chief for Robert Parker Wine Advocate and RobertParker.com. She is also the publications critic for the wines of Bordeaux, Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

  1. A Published Author

In 2015, Lisas first book, Taste Like a Wine Critic: A Guide to Understanding Wine Quality, was published. That year she also relocated to Napa, California, to set up the new USA office for Robert Parker Wine Advocate.

  1. The One and Only

Lisa Perotti-Brown is Singapore’s only Master of Wine and one of only 279 people on the planet with the qualification. Not bad for someone that started working in a wine bar 15 years ago.


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