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4 Ways to Pair Sparkling Wine with Food

Sparkling wine doesn’t often tend to be mentioned in the same breath as red wine and white wine when it comes to food pairing, but with the growing popularity of bubbles among both drinkers and investors it’s good to have some pairing options up your sleeve.

  1. Prosecco & Pepperoni Pizza

Fun and low maintenance, prosecco is made entirely in a tank and bottled last minute, just before hitting the shelves. Although consumed mainly as an aperitif, its off-dry, apple notes can cope with pizza’s flavour-rich toppings. In a further plot twist, well-made examples can stand up to Thai curries and other punchy, south-east Asian dishes.

  1. Champagne and Fried Chicken & Fries

Despite sounding like heresy, pairing champagne and fried food is actually a thing. A classic partnership, with champagne’s acidity slicing through the deep-fried crust and its brioche bubbles mingling with the sweetness of the meat. French fries — which were, bizarrely, John F. Kennedy’s favourite champagne accompaniment — add a salty crunch to the pairing.

  1. Cava and Sushi

Once called ‘Spanish champagne,’ cava’s quality has vastly improved in recent years, making it ripe for re-tasting. Produced from three Catalan grapes by the same method as champagne, youthful cava has a sea-mist freshness that goes perfectly with raw fish, while aged versions have the richness to pair with haddock in batter.

  1. Sparkling Red and Steak Burgers

Demonised in the past for being cheap and a bit tacky sparkling red is back on the scene, as a more sophisticated beast. With Italian lambrusco’s drier-styled reinvention and Australian sparkling shiraz moving into the premium sphere, who knew this novelty-style sparkling would end up such a versatile food-matcher?



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