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5 things you need to know about Natural Wine

Natural wine is going main stream, here’s what you should know about it

As the vast majority of food movements continue to be centred around healthy eating and with larger amounts of people purchasing organic food products than ever before, it’s no surprise that the wine world has started to follow suit.

Natural wines’ are beginning to show up in restaurants, wineries and wine stores, as mass appeal for sustainable products with less additives continues to grow. Thinking about giving it a try? Here are five things you need to know about natural wine:

  1. Natural wines are known as ‘low intervention products’, meaning that they haven’t had anything added or taken away, with only the naturally occurring yeast present in the grapes being used to ferment the product.
  1. You’re likely to find sediment floating around in your glass as natural wine cannot be filtered like normal wines. One of the most important things to note, however, is that natural wines do not contain any sulphites (SO2), which are commonly used as preservatives to prevent oxidation, which stops bacteria from developing.
  1. Natural wine isn’t actually a new product; it was originally developed in the 1980s by small-scale winemakers in Italy and France who were experimenting with different ways to make chemical-free-wine.
  1. The process of making natural wine can be a lot more complex than normal wine at times as it relies so heavily on nature. Compared to a factory environment where everything can be properly controlled, where flavours and aromas can be added or subtracted, natural wines are at the mercy of the weather conditions in which they’re produced.
  1. Due to its production by mainly small, artisanal winemakers, rather than bigger and more established vineyards it is quite rare to find natural wine in major supermarkets. Independent wine shops and online wine merchants are the best place to find bigger selections of natural wines.

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