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Wine Pairing: 4 Classic Dishes to Pair With Sparkling Wine

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Pairing Sparkling Wine & Food

Today, Champagne is an elite drink widely seen as the one perfect beverage for a wide range of events, parties and celebrations. But it was not always so.

Champagne got where it is now as a result of a very successful campaign that was ran over 100 years ago by Champagne houses in collaboration with poster artists. The goal was to give sparkling wines the image that they still carry today – beverages that are ideal for celebratory occasions.

Now that you know why everyone drinks Champagne at parties, let’s take a look at what else this beloved drink is great for. In this article, we’ll discuss the fit between Champagne and food – more specifically, main courses.

4 Classic Dishes to Pair With Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are excellent when paired with a variety of dishes – in many cases even more so than red wine! This is a result of their low-tannin, high-acidity nature that enables its surprising ability to cleanse your palate.

Thus, sparkling wines are ideal with many main course dishes – our 4 favourites are discussed below!

1. Smoked Turkey (Vintage Champagne)

Vintage Champagne is perfect when paired with smoked turkey, as its aging process will have brought forward the aromas of smoke and hazelnut that this sparkling wine is best known for.

These aromas can be highlighted further with sides of smoky and nutty foods to the point where it neatly satisfies your individual palate. You can start with the subtle smokiness of a freshly sliced turkey (match with cranberry sauce and gravy for bonus points) and go from there!

An excellent Champagne that we recommend you try is this Louis Roederer Cristal, 2005.

2. Fish & Chips (Cava)

Fish and chips pair excellently with Cava sparkling wine, which is made in the same style as Champagne but in a variety of different regions. Significantly more affordable, Cava is your ideal everyday sparkling wine.

It pairs neatly with fried, salty foods – and with richer slow-cooked meats as well – making it ideal to have alongside a bucketful of crispy fish and chips!

3. Pork Roast & Spice Apple Puree (Cremant Rose)

Sparkling wine called “Cremant de name” is made in one of many French regions that follow the Champagne winemaking technique, for example Burgundy’s Cremant de Bourgogne. Such wines are known for their exceptional value for money, and an excellent pairing with our classic dish.

Our best Cremant Rose recommendation is this Cremant de Limoux Rose (from the Languedoc-Roussillon region), an affordable wine that will never disappoint.

4. Roast Ham (Lambrusco Amabile)

The ideal roast ham will usually have a slight, subtle sweetness that makes the difference between “good roast ham” and “amazing roast ham.” For the latter we have just the right sparkling wine to pair with – a Lambrusco Amabile that will complement your dish with its own sweetness touch!

The term “Amabile” means that the wine is sweet – if you’d rather try a dry one, go for Brut.

One good alternative to the Lambrusco is Prosecco (still a good choice) – but if you’re looking for the best possible experience, we’d definitely go with the former.

Acquiring Your Sparkling Wine

We hope you enjoyed our sparkling wine pairing suggestions, and we hope you’ll enjoy these recipes at their best!

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Image source: Elysian Collection

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