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A Passion For Wine: Moncharm's Wine Club

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Having grown up around wines from a young age it was easy to see what complimented a good meal. My parents taught me which wines accompanied which food from your classic red wines to your golden white wines. I was able to appreciate the beauty of something so simple yet so attractive when enjoying a delicious meal.

As I grew up I enjoyed my wine more and more. I was able to understand what made a good wine and why certain wines had such an astronomical value. We hear it all the time, the value of a certain bottle of wine selling for an undisclosed amount. I considered myself quite knowledgeable but I was looking to expand my horizons hence I decided to join a wine club

Moncharm gave me the much needed insight into understanding what worked and why it worked, like any commodity, value can increase or decrease depending on market forces. Furthermore, Moncharm’s team of experts assisted and advised me with satisfying my personal taste by telling me which bottle or case I should acquire. Thanks to Moncharm, I always enjoy a fine glass of wine alongside a few special bottles that I keep for those special movements in life.

I raise my glass to Moncharm and their team who over the past have helped me enjoy some very happy moments along with great investment opportunities.

Please click here to join our wine club.

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  • Nayan Chowdhury on

    Wine have a precious value of its own. Thanks for sharing your fillings about this wine.

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