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How Sir Alex Ferguson Made Millions without kicking a ball


Wine, Wine investment, Manchester United, Ferguson, Sir Alex FergusonSir Alex Ferguson the Manchester United supremo and iconic figure around the globe has proved his worth as one of the world most successful managers. Not only was Ferguson successful on the field but also off the field and we are not discussing football here. Sir Alex masterminded United to numerous titles and accolades but was also a very successful and notable wine collector.

It’s one thing having an eye for great talent and nurturing up and coming youngsters from the academy but it seems the football skills paid off handsomely as Ferguson combined this knowledge in amassing a huge collection of wines. What was his secret? Like any passion it wasn't just about buying bottles from your local wine store or supermarket but a little more. Wine collection takes time and knowledge one thing that we praise ourselves at Moncharm is knowledge. The very same way Sir Alex accumulated his collection, through his vast knowledge including what to buy and when to buy.

It’s certainly not as clear cut but a good rapport with some very reputable companies or wine club does eliminate the trial and error process of buying for the sake of buying. Each purchase is calculated and made with knowledge that these wines are highly likely to make a significant return. Like anything the rarer the item the more value it has, likewise the quality and demand for an item.

There are times when a collector may just purchase for the taste or quality of produce, with wine tasting experiences more and more on the upcoming, collectors are now invited to special events prior to any public release of a product or brand....this is where insight and deals were struck.

Alex Ferguson over the years acquired a massive collection that was renowned by many in the industry. Using the simple method as explained this collection over time increased in value so much so that the value added a few millions to his wealth. Moncharm, Wine investment, Sir Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson collection was sold on three separate auctions, when he was asked why he was selling his collection; Alex replied “there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough and that is exactly what I decided that having collected for years and amassed this beautiful collection now was the time.”

The first part of Sir Alex’s collection was sold in Hong Kong this was seen as a major sale but Alex laughed revealing it was only the tip of the iceberg, the collection sold for £2.2 Million paying him rich dividends. To put this in context, a bottle of magnum Domaine de la Romanes-Conti 2002 Burgundy fetched £16,450.

The second part of Sir Alex Ferguson collection was sold by auction house Christie's and this sold for almost £400,000 with the final sale being held again by Christie in Hong Kong. This sale has also proved fruitful for Sir Alex with a return in the region of £300,000. Sir Alex Ferguson also donated some very beautiful bottles of Burgundy. Bordeaux and Tuscan wines to the sale.

Is this the end of a great collection like any shrewd player in the game, a naughty wink meaning are you joking? Leaving many asking how much more is at stake? A certain Mr Mourinho may want to follow in his predecessors footsteps...

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