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Le Tour and the threat from French winemakers

As the Tour de France approaches its third and final week the controversy surrounding French winemakers and the Tour de France seems to have boiled over. This year's Tour De France or Le Tour as it is known in France was threatened by disruption.

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Tour 2016 was under threat before it commenced due to a blockade from French winemakers. Winemakers in the Aude area of Languedoc-Roussillion had been threatening to disrupt the Tour when it passed through its region.  Why? The promotion organiser had signed up a Chilean wine Cono Sur as an event sponsor.

As we all know the French produce wine so the outrage can be matched as a kick in the teeth for producers. The outcome was a last hour settlement where organisers agreed that the Chilean wine will only be promoted on the stages of the Tour outside of France ( Spain Switzerland and Andorra).

The deal also concluded with French winemakers being offered the chance to create a flag for French wines as well as a separate flag for regional products. The deal itself was struck off between a trio of parties: Frédéric Rouanet, président des Vignerons de l’Aude, Christian Prudhomme, general director of Tour de France, and Jérôme Despey from France AgriMer.

With the proposition in place, it’s clear that the organisers can breathe a sigh of relief since the worst is over and no blockades or disruption to this year’s Tour de France will take place as Cono Sur Bicicleta they will be promoting their wine at the stages outside of the tour.

The Chilean wine label Cono Sur Bicicleta is renowned for its following and love of bicycles. This year see the brand launch a limited edition label in tribute to this year Tour de France. The label is designed by Eliza Southwold a former architect whom the label say they fell in love with her former work and new she would be perfect for this year’s label.


The company which produces the best branded Pinot Noir in the UK cited her work as the perfect choice for this remarkable event the Tour de France, thus releasing their limited edition bottles which can be purchased in the UK from Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Asda and a number of other retailers.

Mocharm London added “It’s nice to see a diplomatic outcome and in favour of everyone benefiting from this prestigious event and with it being French, nothing better than the support of French wine”.

Enjoy the Tour and a nice glass of Cono Sur.

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