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Let’s get happy with this new Wine App for wine lovers

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Long gone are the days where you would stare at a wine menu or bottle of wine thinking is this any good? or what do we choose with our meal? In today’s modern world we are surrounded with so many creature comforts that all ooze technology and of course the world wide web.

All this making life easier especially in that moment of confusion when you have to make that important decision. With the emergence of tablets and smartphone we can all now say that wine picking is now like having your own personal sommelier.  Wine picking, wine encyclopaedia and wine price comparison we have it all in our pockets making this the golden era for wine lovers.

With the huge number of Apps and resources that are available one that took our interest of is that of Natalie MacLean.  Natalie Maclean is a Canadian wine writer and publisher of books and renowned in the wine industry.  Her new App designed not just to make wine choosing  easier but to give the impression of having a wine sommelier in your back pocket all courtesy of Natalie MacLean.

Moncharm, wine app

The App self is full of interesting features that make it easy to use from the just point and shoot function where aiming your camera at a bottle of wine label will instantly save and compare notes along with information held on the wine itself. The function can also be used in the same way against the barcode.

Moncharm, wine app

The function is so attractive that with the database of information you can compare and assess wines as you go along and a cool part of all this is the wine cellar. The wine cellar enables you to add wines to your own personal cellar along with key notes for the next time you need to choose a bottle of your fav for a delicious meal or night out.

The New York Times has already named it its Top App so there’s a great buzz on this one and well worth the try!

Want to buy a great wine recommended by the World's Best Wine Writer? Get the only Wine App with built-in label and barcode scanners to instantly access expert wine reviews.


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