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Pokemon Go and a glass of wine

Whether your into it or not, or just a fan of modern technology the world has been swept of its feet by the new Pokemon game. Pokemon Go has created such a buzz with their brand new revolutionary game app that everyone round the world is now running around collecting the character and fighting their way through the stages of the game.

Without discussing the whole aspect of the game, gamers have been found wondering in to the most absurd of places. One thing it has done is open the door to a number of advertising aspects, especially when it comes to places of interests. The most notable being those in public place such as restaurants, bars and shops.

The Pokemon character can pop up anywhere and one thing for sure when it does all hell breaks loose as gamer chase down the sighting and all begin the hunt to add to their collection. A number of celebrities have now endorsed the game as a pastime hobby with the likes of Justin Bieber been spotted in Central Park New York just last week hunting down one of the characters.

The irony of this all is the quest for the Pokemon, has taken gamers to many famous and infamous places with the character being spotted at vineyards and winery around the globe hence highlighting a place of interest and adding interest to the surrounding area.


In Burgundy, the regional wine council (BIVB) said that it ‘welcomed Pokémon Go players’ to the area’s vineyards. The character has turned up at Michellin starred restaurant Noma in Denmark as the chef tweeted Lunch today 6 people played Pokemon for the entire meal.


In western Australia, Mad Fish part of the Burch Family Wines group tweeted that one of the pocket monsters turned up one of its Margaret River vineyards. So with all the excitement it’s easy to see that many can benefit from it as well as attracting a purge of visitors.

 A virtual reality game adding interest to an area of business never goes unwanted unless it’s of course its unplanned and a problem overall as some businesses have highlighted it can be overwhelming but it’s all light hearted fun.

Let’s hope it won’t be long before Mr Pokemon turns up at Moncharm and maybe we could offer the friendly guy a glass of bubbly!
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