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Scientist has invented a Wine machine: That makes wine forever


The title sounds like something you would get in your all night student haven but what you are reading is absolutely right scientist have created a one of a kind machine that makes wine.

Moncharm, wine making

The latest invention is still in its early day but already tried and tested the formula has proven to work. So how does this little beauty work? “Nonstop wine” might sound like something too good to be true, but it’s not—this is something far more promising and cutting edge. Iowa State University professor and self-professed “wine connoisseur” Daniel Attinger has developed what he calls a “micro winery” which can continuously ferment and produce wine at the rate of one millilitre per hour.

So what is the purpose of the machine? Many would guess that its wine forever, this isn’t quite the case. The machine is designed to give winemakers a better understanding of the fermentation process and fine tune it to the climates of the world. The results should in theory and practise help global wine manufacturing.

A good example of this is let’s say a winemaker in Switzerland finds a certain type of yeast or a certain fermentation temperature leads to an overly bitterly wine, with the machine test, this  could be quickly carried out to find an alternative. With traditional wine making this is a process that takes week to achieve as the yeast is mixed and would need to separate from the wine.

Using Daniel Attinger machine the process would merely take a few hours and the wine would be ready. The process will help winemakers around the world have a better understanding of the hundreds of yeast available commercially to aid them in the manufacture of wine.

So the question remains is this wine drinkable? Philippe Renaud a scientist working on the micro winery project joked “that it was more of a gimmick”. So the process sees wine being made quickly and in abundance could this lead to a domestic appliance being made commercially available for all to have at home? The thought of impressing your friends with homemade wine named Chateau Big Paul or The Blonde BombShell ?

Leading wine merchants Atalay from Moncharm, London explained “the idea is fabulous and a major breakthrough in helping those producing wines, but like anything traditional the original is always the best and the novelty could wear off”.  Atalay added “Like any fad it comes along and soon after fades away, an original always reigns supreme”.

So before we run out to buy one let’s wait to hear what the wine experts and consumers say when it comes to machine manufactured wine. 

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