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Spotlight on: Jacques Selosse

Spotlight on:  Jacques Selosse

Every decade or two, a winemaker comes along whom through the force of his ideas, and the brilliance of his work, has the power to change the course of wine history. Anselme Selosse, the current owner of Jacques Selosse, is one of these, let’s find out why.

  1. The Young Pretender

The estate was founded by Jacques Selosse and his family in the 1950s, with the first vintage being bottled in 1960. The current proprietor of this estate is Anselme Selosse who took over from his father Jacques in 1980. Anselme studied at the Lycée viticole de Beaune and was one of the first winemakers to apply the winemaking techniques of white Burgundy to Champagne.

  1. The Mind of the Man

He emerged as one of the world’s most profound thinkers about the relationship between healthy soils and the wines that spring from them. And thanks to his genius, his fruit is not only Champagne’s most physiologically ripe, but also it’s most expressive.

In the winery, he also defies convention, using only indigenous yeasts for fermentations and minimizing the use of SO2. Fermentation and aging is in wood barrels (less than 20% new), and wines are left on their fine lees for extended periods. 

  1. Respecting the Vocation

The winery owns 7 hectares, most of which are of Chardonnay Grand Cru in the municipalities of Avize, Cramant and Oger, a vineyard of Pinot Noir Grand Cru in Ay and one in Ambonnay. In this context Anselme works his vines in a completely natural way: every two years inserts deep into the soil an organic compound for enhancing the value of terroir, working the land manually in order to make it light and porous to allow a better transition of water, no use of chemical treatments and no addition of selected yeasts in the cellar. All this because, as he says, his role "is not to standardize the taste, but to tell the story of the vineyards, respecting the vocation of the land and of the wine. (Average bottle price £200 -£850 depending on the vintage)


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