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The Importance of Using the Right Wine Glass

Though it may seem unimportant to your wine tasting experience, the importance of using the correct wine glass is often overlooked, particularly if you’re tasting wine for long-term investment or consumption. It’s imperative to try to understand wine and be able to taste all of the nuanced flavours within it, and to do this properly you need the right glass.

The 3 Ways a Wine Glass Works:

Collecting Aromas. It’s a surprise that not more coffee and tea cups have ‘aroma collectors’, because they’d benefit from the same effect that the bowl of a wine glass offers to wine. Depending on the style of wine, you may want a large aroma collector or a smaller one. There are no set rules for this logic, however white wines typically have smaller aroma collectors and bowls to maintain their temperature whereas red wines typically have larger bowls to showcase their aromas.

Thin Lips. There are differing opinions on the lip of a glass, however the general consensus is that the thinner the lip of the glass, the less ‘in the way’ the glass is to the drinking experience. We’ve seen this in all types of glasses, from water to whisky.

Releasing Aromas. Enjoying wine is all about aromas. It’s the same joy as smelling bacon frying or sniffing a hot cup of Chai tea. With wine, the aromas are released as the alcohol volatilizes from the surface of the wine. Having an increased surface area is a benefit to optimize releasing aromas while drinking. There have been studies to show how swirling wine increases surface area.

A good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that you should be able to throw (swirl) the wine around inside the glass in order to unlock all the aromas. A good wine glass should be narrower at the top as it helps to collect the unlocked aromas, while making it easier for us to smell them and so the wine doesn’t end up all over the floor when swirling.

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