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The Key Wine Terms You Need To Know

Tasting and investing in wine is all the more enjoyable when you’re able to pick out and properly describe flavour's and textures. It’ll help you choose what you like to drink and what you think would be a good investment. But there’s a lot of jargon that goes with wine tasting, and we’re here to make sure you know as much of it as possible.

A wine that smells really intense

  • aromatic lift (white wine)
  • bold aromas (red wine)
  • tremendous nose
  • brooding
  • pungent

A wine that doesn’t smell very much

  • delicate
  • closed
  • subtle
  • soft
  • light

A wine that tastes really strong

  • extracted
  • persistent
  • flamboyant
  • rich
  • full-bodied

A wine that doesn’t taste very strong

  • elegant
  • nuanced
  • airy
  • subdued
  • mellow

A wine that tastes bitter

  • tannic
  • chewy
  • muscular
  • structured
  • firm

A wine that tastes smooth

  • plush
  • round
  • velvety
  • supple
  • opulent



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