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UK Wine Benefits from Hottest Ever Summer

On the back of Met Office stats which show that England saw the hottest summer on record, hopes are high for a vintage year for English and Welsh wine, meaning this could be the perfect time to invest in any UK based wine makers you may have been coveting.

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association says the unusually warm weather led to ideal conditions for growing grapes in the UK, which it hopes will lead to more and better-quality wine from the country.

English vineyards are reaping the benefits of a record heatwave of 2018. The knock-on effect of near perfect growing conditions in the UK has led to generous grape bunches and many vineyards are expecting an early harvest.

Earlier in the season the WSTA predicted that 2018 would be vintage year for English and Welsh wine with a record harvest. With the good weather looking set to continue into October there seems little to stand in the way of both a bumper harvest and high-quality grapes for wine makers.

It’s not all good news, however. High temperatures elsewhere in Europe have led to wildfires and drought, compromising the wine that the UK imports. Because the vast majority of wine in the UK is imported, that matters for the 33 million UK wine consumers for whom wine continues to become increasingly expensive.

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