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EHD London No.1 Bond is proud to announce the procurement of their brand new fine wine storage facility: Fonthill Estate Vaults.

Nestled in the peaceful Wiltshire countryside, this exclusive amenity sets a new benchmark in fine wine storage and logistics. Comprising 26 decommissioned RAF ammunition bunkers, the site has been customised to the highest of standards, striking an exquisite syncretise between the practical requirements of the business and the handsome aesthetics of the surrounds.

EHD bring nearly two decades of wine storage & distribution expertise to Fonthill Estate Vaults, along with vastly experienced warehouse logistics staff. They’re no strangers to adapting military sites either: Locke-King Vaults, their brimming air-raid tunnels at Brooklands, is already a nationally renowned facility.

Fonthill Estate Vaults will offer a level of service, security and client interaction simply not found anywhere else in the UK. Highly trained staff with intimate knowledge of the facility, as well as a deep interest in wine itself, will be on site to uphold the values of the business, reflecting the sophistication and attention to detail exclusive clientele expect.

To say this is no ordinary warehousing facility is an affront to modesty; a dedicated ‘show bunker’ has been adapted for use by clients wishing to host guests. It forms part of the unique Fonthill Estate Vaults experience, which can also extend to the use of a soon to be renovated guest house on site. Clients renting entire bunkers are encouraged to customise the entranceway with their own signage, as well as landscape the surrounding gardens. Sheep, grazing the lawns, complete the postcard effect.

But let’s not forget: these are ammunition bunkers. Five foot thick concrete walls and thick steel doors, all buried into the hillside, ensure the ambient temperature hovers in the optimum wine storage range of 10-15 degrees Celsius all year round. You can rest peacefully in the knowledge your wine is ageing perfectly whilst simultaneously being protected from air raids (at least of a nostalgic vintage).

Fonthill Estate Vaults is a unique crosspollination between the vineyard experience and that of an expertly run distribution facility. With fastidious attention to detail, high end security and knowledgeable staff, there really is nothing else like it.

Treating clients and their wine with respect – Fonthill Estate Vaults”.

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