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Château Cheval Blanc 2008, Moncharm

Moncharm | Château Cheval Blanc 2008


This is one of the most promising wines available at Moncharm. A legend in the making, Château Cheval Blanc 2008 has all the qualities to matchup with the phenomenal labels like 2005, 2000 and 1998, all it needs is a bit of time. Château Cheval Blanc 2008 is a unique blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot in equal parts. The 2008 label is an infant but still it has the intricacy of the 1998 and the power of 2000. The wine has an elegant dark ruby colour which unfurls into a slight purple tinge when swirled in the glass. It has a divine nose of subtle flavours of menthol interlaced with notes of fresh plums, black currants, spring flowers and cherries. It shows a brilliant character on the palate with a full-bodied, complete texture which swirls in the mouth with a velvety feeling. It is slightly tannic with hints of acid. Give it three decades of aging, and you have a legend in your hands.
Cheval Blanc vineyards are renowned for producing high-quality grapes. The vineyard has been on the maps of Belleyme right from 1764, and this experience of centuries is reflected in the unique flavour of the wine.
Saint-Émilion is Equipped with the most diverse terroir in the Bordeaux region. The vineyards are planted on the clay-rich soil which is ideal for the growth of Merlot that is a prime component of all wines produced here. There are two Premier Grand Crus Classés (A), Château Cheval-Blanc and Château Ausone and thirteen Premier Grand Crus Classés (B) in this region

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