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Moncharm | Château Lafleur 2009

Moncharm | Château Lafleur 2009


An excellent blend of 53% cabernet franc and 47% merlot, the Château Lafleur 2009 has all characteristics of a great vintage. It has an elegant dark ruby color paired with a complex and multi-layered nose with intense cabernet Frank presence and enchanting aromas of cocoa, strawberry, violet, minerals and white paper. The palate is luscious and fresh with notes of strawberry and redcurrant and hints of spicy cherry sauce. It has a rich and dense palate and a delightfully smooth texture. The finish is lingering and has great purity and precision.
The Guinaudeau family owned the Château Lafleur estate since its inception in 1872. The estate today is run by Sylvie and Jacques Guinaudeau who took over winemaking responsibilities in 1985 and full ownership of the estate in 2002. This family also owns the Château Grand Village in Fronsac where they have been producing wine since 1650.
Pomerol is a small area in the heart of Bordeaux, but it produces wines that are unparalleled. The most prized and sought-after wine, Chateau Pétrus, is produced in this region. The region has a gravel based soil with intermittent clay, which is excellent for the rich flavours of the wines."

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