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Moncharm | Château Trotanoy 2001

Moncharm | Château Trotanoy 2001


The Château Trotanoy 2001 is a balanced and exceptional Merlot based wine that like almost all Trotanoys, ages well. At its best in about 10 years, this beautiful wine combines the aromas and flavors of deep fruit and tannins, ending in a pleasant finish that will only grow in intensity in a decade or so.
Taking its name from the French term, trop ennui, Château Trotanoy traces its roots back to 1761, when it was owned by the Giraud family. Well respected even then, it eventually changed hands to the Pecresse family in the mid 1940’s, who again sold it to Jean-Pierre Moueix, to whom it belongs now. Known for their elegant wines that age particularly well, Trotanoy has produced some of the best vintages of all time!
Pomerol is a small area in the heart of Bordeaux but it produces wines that are unparalleled. The most prized and sought-after wine, Chateau Pétrus, is produced in this region. The region has a gravel based soil with intermittent clay, which is excellent for the rich flavours of the wines.

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