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Moncharm | La Turque 1988

Moncharm | La Turque 1988


Boasting a dazzling, deep purple colour, the 1988 La Turque is noted for its impeccable purity. The bouquet offers sensuous aromas of grilled meat and other barbecue aromas, intertwined with the sweet notes of lavish, ripe plums and creme de cassis. The palate is delightfully thick, full bodied and is already exhibiting signs of its readiness. The finish is full and long-lived, which gives the hint of its potential to be counted among the leading vintages. According to Moncharm the anticipated maturity for this wine is 2000-2015.
Founded in 1946 in the magnificent, ancient village of Ampuis, The Guigal domain was founded by Etienne Guigal. After producing over 67 legendary vintage labels, he handed the reigns in the hand of his son Marcel Guigal. With hard work and determination, he flourished the estate and bought the Vidal-Fleury estates in 1984.In 2006, Marcel Guigal was awarded the honor of Decanter man of the year.
At a first glance, the Rhone region appears too harsh for wine production due to the steep slopes and plateaus. However, evidence suggests that vines were first grown in 600 BC in this region and has persisted till today. The magnificent wine labels produced in this region is often counted amongst the best wines in France.

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